Our food digesters

After many years of research, we’ve found the best food digesters for composting food on the market. Take a look at all the different food composters we can offer. If you have questions on deciding which food composter is the best fit for your company, please contact us with the button below. 

Small size

These machines have a food waste processing capacity of 80 to 400 liters. 

Medium size

These machines have a food waste processing capacity of 800 to 1600 liters. 

Has a capacity of 80 liters.  Ideal for restaurants, hotels, fast-food, catering, universities.

No two businesses are the same. We provide a wide range of BMD – food digesters. This way we can provide the most efficient machine for every location.
Join the growing number of food waste composter customers who are reconsidering their food waste management practices. Small, medium and large businesses that serve a large number of people on a regular basis must figure out how to get rid of food waste as quickly and efficiently as possible. At www.BioMaterialsDigester.eu you’ll find the definitive answer. No need for food waste collection, transportation, or food waste piling up in a landfill.

Ideal for small businesses that need food waste removal several days a week or small amounts of food waste to be taken away every day of the week. The small BMD machines can digest food waste from 50 kilos a day up to 250 kilos a day. Most of the small machines are sold to restaurants, catering, fast-food locations, and hotels. Remote lodges and islands that want to process their own food waste in a more ecological manner, find our products to be more cost efficient and superior to handle food waste. Some locations capture the gray water and used it to irrigate and fertilize their surrounds.

Our BMD-500 until BMD-1000 are the medium segment of the food digesters that we offer. This segment is diverse in the different kinds of businesses that use the food composter. Resorts, Grocery stores, cruise lines, nursing homes, and larger restaurants are using these medium machines.

If you have questions about which of the machine will fit the best. please contact us and we will support you in finding the best machine for your needs.

Our large segment of BMD machines can handle food waste from 2500 kilos to 10.000 kilos a day. Specially designed for large clients with the need for a safe and easy way of dissolving tons of food waste. All the food digesters in this segment have a 120-kilo garbage bin loader. This can be customized with a different size container – depending on the need of the client. Food production, food distribution centers events, airports are companies that benefit from these machines.

Explaining our special food composter

Revolutionizing Waste Management: The Transformative Benefits of BMD Machines

In an era of increasing environmental concerns and a growing awareness of the urgent need for sustainable solutions, innovative technologies are emerging to address our most pressing challenges. One such groundbreaking technology is the BMD (Bio-MaterialsDigester) food digester. This remarkable invention is poised to revolutionize waste management systems and significantly contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Waste management has long been a complex issue, with traditional methods often falling short in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness. However, the introduction of BMD machines promises a paradigm shift in how we approach waste disposal, offering a wide array of benefits that extend across environmental, on-location, financial, and competitive dimensions.


Food waste

Food waste can be added into the BMD machine throughout the day. There is no waiting, it is a continuous process that adapts to your daily work schedule.


The Machine

All food waste is collected in the machine. The special conditions in the machine and our exclusive enzyme mixes will process your waste into waste water 24/7.


The enzymes

Our exclusive enzyme mixes are formulated in such a way that they can optimally break down your food waste. We have developed several variations that can break down the different waste flows.


The process

The ideal conditions are created in the BMD Machine so that the enzymes can do their work optimally. Temperature, moisture, movement and acidity are maintained at optimal conditions by us.


Break down

The food waste is broken down into smaller particles. This can even be done down to the level of building blocks such as amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars.


Waste water

The waste water created in our machine can be safely discharged via the sewer to the waste water treatment plants. The 100% organic waste water can be converted into biogas at the WWTP.

Benefits of our food digesters

Hygienic working environment.

Reduces pests and vermin.

No solid waste output to manage.

No unpleasant odors.

Discharges into local wastewater system.

Reduces the production of methane.

Lowers conventional garbage hauling expense.

Safe and easy operation with low maintenance.

Reduces overall labor cost.

Offers options for irrigation and soil enhancement.

Our food digesters are ideal for:

Sport stadiums
Grocery stores
cruise lines
remote lodges
theme parcs
food production
nursing homes

How it works

food waste into water

Our food digesters compost all the food waste within 24 hours into liquid gray water. No need to hassle with solid compost. Just connect our food composter to the existing sewage piping system and your worries about food waste are over.

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Small food digesters


Can process a minimum of 50 kilos (100 pounds) of food waste per day. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, fast-food, catering, universities.


Can process a minimum of 100 kilos (200 pounds) of food waste per day. Ideal for restaurants, universities, hotels, bakeries, resorts.


Can process a minimum of 300 kilos (550 pounds) of food waste per day. Ideal for large Restaurants, hotels, grocery stores. 

Lease to own for USA clients

Financing Promotions Designed Specifically for BMD Bio Materials Digester Clients

Dimension Funding has partnered with BMD to make it more affordable than ever to purchase our Bio Materials Digester. 

Turn a Large Equipment Purchase Into a Low Monthly Payment. Instead of a large upfront equipment cost, turn that payment into fixed, low monthly payments across the life of the equipment. No Payments for 90 Days
Purchase your equipment and use it for 90 days before you have to make the first monthly payment. This saves your cash flow and working capital.

If you would like to explore different financing options and the promotions available to you (some restrictions apply), please contact John Gallagher. He can help you find the best financing alternatives for your situation.

Medium food digesters


Can process a minimum of 500 kilos (1,100 pounds) of food waste per day. Ideal for cruise lines, nursing homes, medium size events.


Can process a minimum of 1.000 kilos (2,200 pounds) of food waste per day. Ideal for cruise lines, airports, events, theme parks.

Our Partners

Single Use Solutions

A USA based manufacturer of 100% plant-based bottles and caps. The only USDA Bio Preferred approved water bottle in the world.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding has partnered with BMD to make it more affordable to purchase Bio Materials Digesters in the USA.