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How our aerobic digesters work

As new technology emerges almost every day to clean up our environment, our BMD Digester offers a straight-forward and affordableseveral technology that is simple to install and operate. We can assist in making that difference for our planet that we all look for, while saving money for us at the same time. A BMD Aerobic Digester can become part of this solution.

Explaining our special food composter

Revolutionizing Waste Management: The Transformative Benefits of BMD Machines

In an era of increasing environmental concerns and a growing awareness of the urgent need for sustainable solutions, innovative technologies are emerging to address our most pressing challenges. One such groundbreaking technology is the BMD (Bio-MaterialsDigester) food digester. This remarkable invention is poised to revolutionize waste management systems and significantly contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Waste management has long been a complex issue, with traditional methods often falling short in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness. However, the introduction of BMD machines promises a paradigm shift in how we approach waste disposal, offering a wide array of benefits that extend across environmental, on-location, financial, and competitive dimensions.


Food waste

Food waste can be added into the BMD machine throughout the day. There is no waiting, it is a continuous process that adapts to your daily work schedule.


The Machine

All food waste is collected in the machine. The special conditions in the machine and our exclusive enzyme mixes will process your waste into waste water 24/7.


The enzymes

Our exclusive enzyme mixes are formulated in such a way that they can optimally break down your food waste. We have developed several variations that can break down the different waste flows.


The process

The ideal conditions are created in the BMD Machine so that the enzymes can do their work optimally. Temperature, moisture, movement and acidity are maintained at optimal conditions by us.


Break down

The food waste is broken down into smaller particles. This can even be done down to the level of building blocks such as amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars.


Waste water

The waste water created in our machine can be safely discharged via the sewer to the waste water treatment plants. The 100% organic waste water can be converted into biogas at the WWTP.

Aerobic - Anaerobic

Since the early 1950s, researchers have been studying aerobic digestion, and since the 1980s, many sewage treatment plants have used a combination of aerobic and anaerobic digestion. Modern food composters are now an accessible, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for organic food waste disposal in most organizations.

Composting food waste process:
Aerobic digestion, on the other hand, should not be confused with anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion, while similar to aerobic digestion, does not require oxygen and is thus slower and less effective. Anaerobic digestion also produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that we want to avoid, as well as hydrogen sulfide, also known as “rotten egg gas.” To cope with food waste, food waste digesters use aerobic digestion.

Grey water within 24 hours

food waste process digesters
0 - 24 hours digestion process

Fill the BMD with Bio Material waste. And incorporate our unique microbial blend.

food waste process digesters
0 - 24 hours digestion process

To aid aerobic digestion, the digestor oxygenates food waste. It’s 24/7 cycle continues the digestion process.

food waste process digesters
0 - 24 hours digestion process

Food waste is digested and broken down into tiny bits before being discharged as wastewater.

grey water out put of our digesters - composters
0 - 24 hours digestion process

The wastewater is filtered through a screen and grease arrestor before being discharged into the existing plumbing system.

Is food waste a problem for your business?

If food waste and/or compostable packaging is a problem you’re already dealing with or worried about, an aerobic digester may be the simple answer you’ve yet to discover. A food digester facilitates the natural breakdown of food waste by microbes. Full aerobic digestion would break down food waste into carbon dioxide and water in a relatively short amount of time in an oxygenated environment. Our BMD Aerobic Digester tries to replicate this process by turning food waste into gray water and sending it through the existing sewer drain – or storing it to use as irrigation water and fertilizer.
All living species, including our bodies, follow the same laws that control this process. In fact, commercial aerobic digestion technology is sometimes referred to as a “mechanical stomach” since it closely resembles the human digestive process.
Food waste digestion aids in the management of organic waste where it is created. Choosing to treat your food and compostable packaging waste on-site can help you address some of the major food waste challenges, such as eliminating the need for waste to be hauled to a landfill.
Microorganisms efficiently degrade organic waste and do it significantly faster in our BMD machines than in a landfill breakdown.

Benefits of our food composter

Environmental Impact: Redefining Sustainable Practices

The BMD is drastically reducing CO2 emissions through the elimination of traditional waste transportation, it sets the stage for cleaner communities. The eradication of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, adds a powerful climate change-fighting element to its repertoire. Moreover, the reduction of microplastics released from waste truck traffic contributes to healthier ecosystems and water bodies.

Operational Excellence: Efficiency and Ease Combined

The BMD machine is effortless food waste processing, reducing physical labor, and enhancing hygiene form its operational core. Bid farewell to pests and welcome real-time waste monitoring that empowers informed decisions. Your team’s efforts can be redirected towards higher-value tasks, thanks to BMD’s streamlined processes.

Financial Advantage: Paving the Way to Savings

Say hello to cost savings, eliminated container pickups and logistics. Reduced maintenance costs and optimized personnel efficiency further contribute to your bottom line. Additionally, BMD’s eco-friendly image aligns perfectly with modern consumer preferences, enhancing your reputation and market positioning.

Unparalleled Advantages: BMD’s Distinct Edge

In a league of its own, the BMD machine surpasses competitors. It boasts advanced food waste breakdown capabilities, processes liquids and sauces efficiently, and offers remote control with data analytics for unparalleled insights. Chemical-free operation, seamless wastewater treatment, and prevention of grease accumulation underscore its unique advantages.

Green bin or BMD machine?

See the difference

Do you also have a green bin that looks like this? Knowing you have to wait another 4 days before the truck comes to pick up the food waste. Not even mentioning the task of cleaning the container and doing this week after week.
Let’s solve your food waste problem and create a hygienic way of getting rid of food waste. A future without the hassle of a smelly, dirty, fly-creating green bin. Welcome to the world of a BMD machine.

Our Aerobic digester Partners

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