Bio Materials Digester

The BMD Team is pleased to present our food composter. With a processing capacity from 25 kilos up to 10.000 kilos a day, our food composter is suitable for almost every organization that works with food. Take a look at our website and get in touch with a better way of solving the food waste problem.

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BMD - your Food composter

Scientific articles, television specials, and clean- up efforts that have been made to extend life on our Earth, help us raise our awareness. We believe it’s time that this awareness emphasis be converted to concrete action. Two elements of everyday environmental damage are the proliferation of single use plastic and the mishandling of food waste.

With the and products from the midwestern United States of America, we are being offered tangible solutions of equipment and materials that could take a large bite out of these two elements of everyday practice—everywhere in the World that keep violating environmental ethics. Composting food and plant-based bottles and caps offer immediate solutions for significant change.

The approach we have taken is to identify “model sites” that demonstrate how the solutions we offer work in real time. For BMD, it is to identify “Resellers” who share our vision for responsibly handling food waste and perhaps even food waste along with other bio-based packaging. Our vision is that model sites and resellers will be “proving by doing”………….and by that method, big changes in locations around the world can begin to happen. We invite you to join us in the quest for making things better for the Earth and all of us who are stewards of our environment- —-including our children, grandchildren and future generations.


Green key - digesters - composting machines. approved product

Beginning of November BMD machines became Green Key-approved products.
Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and leisure industry in the Netherlands. About 700 Dutch companies have now obtained this quality mark – from hotels and restaurants to camping sites, group accommodations and bungalow parks. New locations are still being added.

Do you see the green key? Then the company finds sustainability important and they apply it everywhere in the company. Think of economical use of energy and water, environmentally friendly cleaning, recycling and well-considered choices regarding organic food and products with a sustainability label.

Food waste facts

Food waste destined for landfills accounts for 30-40% of all solid waste disposal in North America.

1000 diners on average generate 400 pounds of food waste in a typical restaurant.

100 pounds of food waste in landfills sends 8 pounds of methane into the atmosphere. Methane has 86 times the global warming effect of carbon dioxide.

The contribution of food waste emissions to global warming is almost equivalent (87%) to global road transport emissions.

Wasting food is worse than total emissions from flying (1.9%), plastic production (3.8%), and oil extraction (3.8%).

Garbage trucks use over 1.5 billion gallons of diesel fuel to cart food waste to North American landfills each year.

About us - our food composter story

Everything of a developmental nature with the Bio Materials Digester (BMD) goes back to finding ways to deal with the “end-of-life” for our PLA bottles. From the very beginning in 2003, Bill Horner, our founder, was convinced that PLA bottles would only be a confusion to consumers if there was not a robust collection program at the point of use in “closed-loop” venues, and a way to make the bottles go away—peacefully or even with “added value”.

In 2007, Horner’s company purchased a food digester company, and started the process of seeing their immediate value for the reduction of food waste, but experienced difficulties in unlocking the secrets of removing other plant-based containers along with the food waste………..

Our food composter

Estimates suggest the world’s total food waste is around 1.3 billion tonnes. These losses occur at all stages of production, from pre-harvest on the farm through to post-harvest losses during processing, distribution, retailing and consumption.

The vast majority of this food waste is produced at the point of consumption, whether it is in cafeterias, canteens, or restaurants. Some of this waste can be avoided, but some is unavoidable because it consists of non-edible portions of the product. The process of composting food with a food waste digester/composter machine has been developed as a result of a better understanding of the origins and fates of unconsumed food, with prevention as the primary goal and only material that is inappropriate for human or animal consumption becoming garbage. Our BMD food composter composts food waste on-site in 24 hours with no odor or noise. It significantly reduces the cost to dispose of and manage waste food. It also eliminates smells, mess, and pests from your trash bins. By using the food digester, you are reducing the amount of space and energy needed to remove the unwanted food scraps from your facility. It doesn’t need collecting, transporting, or piling up in a landfill.

How it works

Food waste into water

Our BMD Food Composter digests all the food waste within 24 hours into liquid gray water. No need to hassle with solid compost. Just connect our food composter to the existing sewage piping system and your worries about food waste are over.

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Small size

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These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 25 to 100 kilos. 
(50 to 200 pounds)

BMD-300-digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter

Medium size

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These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 250 to 1000 kilos. 
(550 to 2200 pounds)

BMD-1000 digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter

Large size

New design coming soon

These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 2500 to 10000 kilos. 
(5500 to 22000 pounds

Our BMD+ machine

We are developing a food composter machine that is composting food waste – bioplastics (PLA-PHA), and compostable packaging. With our special enzymes (Bio cultures) and plant-based biochips, the food composter we are developing is unique in the marketplace.

We believe that the BMD is the most cost-effective method for composting food. We are in the final stages of creating a special bio culture mix and a fossil plastic-free biochip. With the development of the BMD – a food digester that can also compost Bioplastics and compostable packaging, we believe that we can provide a successful (even valuable) “end of life” for food waste and bioplastic packaging waste.

Green bin or BMD machine?

See the difference

Do you also have a green bin that looks like this? Knowing you have to wait another 4 days before the truck comes to pick up the food waste. Not even mentioning the task of cleaning the container and doing this week after week.
Let’s solve your food waste problem and create a hygienic way of getting rid of food waste. A future without the hassle of a smelly, dirty, fly-creating green bin. Welcome to the world of a BMD machine.

Our Food Composter Partners

Single Use Solutions

A USA based manufacturer of 100% plant-based bottles and caps. The only USDA Bio Preferred approved water bottle in the world.

GS-Green Packaging

A Dutch company specializing in support and consultancy for companies that want to step away from fossil plastic to plant-based packaging.

Custom Enzymes Australia

Custom Enzymes is our reseller for the country of Australia. They are an industry-leading supplier of custom  enzymatic formulations. 

Oakland Lease UK

Oakland lease UK is our partner for own to lease in Europe. They can provide service in 28 different European countries and the USA.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding has partnered with BMD to make it more affordable to purchase Bio Materials Digesters in the USA.

Become a consultant

Are you interested in becoming a consultant for our brand? Let’s get in touch and see if there is a match.

We provide training and on- and off-line support for our resellers and maintain close contact and direct communication. This allows us to guarantee the best quality for our end users. We prefer you have some experience in installation, sales, or after-sales, but more important is your drive to make a change in your market area by raising public awareness of the benefits of the BMD food composter machine and step by step, making your market greener with our solutions.