Food - compostable packaging composters

Composting machine for food waste + Bio-plastics + compostable packaging.

We are developing a food-compostable packaging composters machine that is composting food waste – bioplastics (PLA-PHA), and compostable packaging. With our special specially developed enzymes (Bio cultures) and plant-based bio-chips, the food composter we are developing is unique in the market.

Our BMD+ machine

After many years of research we’ve found the best food composter for composting food, we created a special bio culture mix and create a fossil plastic-free biochip. Providing the world with an alternative, we created BMD+ Food – plastic composters. Finally there is a good end of life for all the compostable packaging, PLA, PHA products and food waste within our liquid food digester.

Our food – plastic composters, Are composting food waste on-site in 24 hours with no odor or noise. Significantly reduce the cost to dispose of and managed waste food. Eliminate smells, mess, and pests from your trash bins. By using the food digester, you are reducing the amount of space and energy needed to remove the unwanted food scraps from your facility. It doesn’t need collecting, transporting, or food waste piling up in a landfill.

Our BMD+ food – plastic composters are even more special! Besides what all other food digesters can do (composting food), ours can also digest compostable packaging and plant-based plastics like PLA and PHA. This will lower your waste stream, even more, reduce even more costs, and give your organization on-site control over a large portion of the total waste.

Why develop the BMD+ food-compostable packaging composters?

In most countries, it’s not allowed to put compostable packaging (PLA-PHA etcetera) into the industrial composting waste stream/ green bin (it’s only used for composting food waste and garden waste).
Most of the compostable packaging products are designed to compost in facilities like this, but still, they are not allowed to be processed in an industrial composting facility. To us, buyers of compostable packaging and end consumers this is really strange. We have searched for years to find the right bio cultures to compost all different kinds of compostable packaging – especially PLA gave us some headaches. But we finally found a solution and combined it with this amazing food digester.

The reason why most companies switch to plant-based packagings like PLA bottles, cups, and cutlery, is that they want to step away from fossil plastic. Fossil plastic creates microplastics in the environment and microplastic creates numerous health issues for animals and humans. That’s why we created the BMD+ Food – plastic composters. With our BMD+ finally, all compostable packaging and bio plastic have a good end of life on our planet. And companies can choose to step away from fossil plastic with a full solution. 

Bio-plastics and compostable packaging

With our special combination of bio-cultures our Food – plastic composters can also compost many different bio-plastics and compostable packaging. Below are some of the materials our food compost machine can digest. 

PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)

Make sure your not contaminating the inside of the food composter with fossil plastic. Let take PLA bottles as an example. Search for a provider that also has a PLA cap and label. Single Use Solutions is company that supplies a 100% plant-based product. 

PHS cups


Polyhydroxyalkanoaat, is a material made by micro-organism. And more and more product will be made out of this material. It’s home and marine compostable So it can also be digested in our food digester because of our special ” magic sauce”



This Starch bag is a well-seen product after the ban on fossil plastic bags in many countries all over the world. Another product that can be easily digested in our food composter. Other products that are made from starch are food Trays and salad bowls.

hemp coffee cups


The use of hemp is getting more widespread in the food packaging industry. Keep in mind that the full product is made from this plant-based material. Like the coffee cups – some suppliers use fossil plastic or aluminum for the lite.


banana leaves plates

Pressed leaf

Pressed banana or bamboo leaves are a product type that getting popular since more and more countries have bans on single-use plastic plates. It’s an ideal product for our food – plastic composters.




100% non-toxic sustainable plant byproduct, like sugarcane. Mostly used for food containers and cups. Ideal as catering, food-truck, bakery, restaurant supplies, meal-prep and take-out.



Small size

New design coming soon

These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 25 to 100 kilos. 
(50 to 200 pounds)

BMD-300-digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter

Medium size

New design coming soon

These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 250 to 1000 kilos. 
(550 to 2200 pounds)

BMD-1000 digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter

Large size

New design coming soon

These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 2500 to 10000 kilos. 
(5500 to 22000 pounds

Benefits of our BMD+

Food - plastic composters

All the benefits of our normal BMD.

No more fossil plastic BioChips

No more micro plastics

Lowers conventional garbage hauling weight.

No more fossil plastic packaging

Amazing marketing story to tell.

Lowers CO2 emission even more

Less food waste to landfills

Become a consultant of our food - plastic composters

Are you interested in becoming a consultant for our BMD brand? Let’s get in touch and see if there is a match. 

We provide training and on- and offline support for our resellers and we like to have close contact and direct communication with our resellers. This way we can guarantee the best quality for our end users. We prefer you have experience in installation, sales or after-sales, but more important is your drive to make a change in your market area. Showing the benefits of the BMD food – plastic composters and step-by-step making your market greener with our solution.

Our food - plastic composters partners

Single Use Solutions

A USA based manufacturer of 100% plant-based bottles and caps. The only USDA Bio Preferred approved water bottle in the world.

GS-Green Packaging

A Dutch company specializing in support and consultancy for companies that want to step away from fossil plastic to plant-based packaging.

Custom Enzymes Australia

Custom Enzymes is our reseller for the country of Australia. They are an industry-leading supplier of custom  enzymatic formulations. 

Oakland Lease UK

Oakland lease UK is our partner for own to lease in Europe. They can provide service in 28 different European countries and the USA.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding has partnered with BMD to make it more affordable to purchase Bio Materials Digesters in the USA.