Become our composting machine reseller

Join us as a reseller for our composting machine and make your part of the world a bit better. Our food digesters will save your clients money, lower their CO2 footprint, and provide an easy solution for multiple waste streams within their organization.

food waste process digesters
food waste process digesters
food waste process digesters
grey water out put of our digesters - composters

Are you our partner?

Are you interested in becoming a reseller for our brand? Let’s get in touch and see if there is a match.

We provide training and on- and off-line support for our resellers and maintain close contact and direct communication. This allows us to guarantee the best quality for our end users. We prefer you have some experience in installation, sales, or after-sales, but more important is your drive to make a change in your market area by raising public awareness of the benefits of the BMD food composter machine and step by step, making your market greener with our solutions.

Our composting machine



These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 10 to 100 kilos. 

BMD-300-digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter


These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 200 to 1000 kilos. 

BMD-1000 digester machine - composting machine - food digester - food composter - bioplastic composter


These machines have a daily food waste processing capacity of 2000 to 10000 kilos. 

Green bin or BMD machine?

See the difference

Do you also have a green bin that looks like this? Knowing you have to wait another 4 days before the truck comes to pick up the food waste. Not even mentioning the task of cleaning the container and doing this week after week.
Let’s solve your food waste problem and create a hygienic way of getting rid of food waste. A future without the hassle of a smelly, dirty, fly-creating green bin. Welcome to the world of a BMD machine.

The benefits for resellers

Multiple machines

With 12 different containerized BMD machines, with a range of 10 to 10.000 kilos, almost all food-related  companies are within your potential clientel.

Unique product

With our BMD+ we provide the market with a unique product with very little competition.  This will open up new niche markets.

Training program

We support you with an offline and online training. Giving you the opportunity to provide the best service to your clients.

Service level

We want to be the best food composting machine company in the world. And we support our resellers in carrying out this vision.

Cross-selling options

You will get access to a network of hundreds of companies within the plant-based packaging industry.

Good benefits

We have an excellent price point for our end users. This competitive edge will generate even more sales opportunities and therefore growth for our Resellers

Our composting machine is ideal for:

Sport stadiums
Grocery stores
cruise lines
remote lodges
theme parcs
food production
nursing homes

Our composting machine Partners

Single Use Solutions

A USA based manufacturer of 100% plant-based bottles and caps. The only USDA Bio Preferred approved water bottle in the world.

GS-Green Packaging

A Dutch company specializing in support and consultancy for companies that want to step away from fossil plastic to plant-based packaging.

Darrer Croatia and Slovenia

Darrer in Croatia is our reseller for the countries Croatia and Slovenia. He is with us from the beginning of the first food digester sales.

Custom Enzymes Australia

Custom Enzymes is our reseller for the country of Australia. They are an industry-leading supplier of custom  enzymatic formulations. 

Oakland Lease UK

Oakland lease UK is our partner for own to lease in Europe. They can provide service in 28 different European countries and the USA.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding has partnered with BMD to make it more affordable to purchase Bio Materials Digesters in the USA.